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Do’s and Dont’s at Interviews


  • Know the date , the place and the time of the interview
  • Allow yourself at least 10 minutes extra to get there
  • Know the name of the interviewer (s)
  • Dress professionally
  • Introduce yourself with a good firm handshake
  • Take a seat when offered
  • Answer all questions clearly and concisely giving examples
  • Maintain eye contact with each member on the panel
  • Ensure you engage all members of the panel
  • Ask relevant questions to show interest in the position
  • Thank the panel for their time


  • Interrupt the interviewer.
  • Criticise past employers.
  • Appear disinterested in what the interviewer has to say
  • Embellish the truth
  • Ask questions about salary, benefits and holidays
  • Forget to bring a copy of your cv