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CV Preparation and Advice

Hints & Tips

Your CV is a thumb print of you – it is your primary selling tool.   A CV that is well laid out and contains all the  relevant information will quickly attract the recruiter.  Always type your CV on good quality paper.   Print it in black ink on white paper, use bullet points, be concise, to the point and avoid lengthy essays.

CV’s should be around two pages in length, although it may be longer if you have to describe a lot of relevant work experience.   If you are applying to a specific job, ensure that the skills required match up to your skills.   Finally read and re-read through your CV carefully once you are finished, always check for grammatical errors, spelling errors and date continuity errors. 

Now to get started!!!

Create a first draft

Write all your personal details, a brief personal profile, skillset, employment history, education qualifications, professional memberships, hobbies and interests and referee details including all relevant information under headings.   Prioritise duties and responsibilities by importance and relevance to the job you are applying for.

Use power words like “managed”, “controlled”,  “implemented” ,“liaised”.   Always ensure that there are no gaps on your CV.   If you have been travelling, doing courses,  or taken personal time explain that in your CV.

Sample CV template

Personal Details:

Telephone Number
Email Address
Date of Birth

Personal Profile:

PC Skills
Employment History

All employment should be presented in reverse chronological order,  i.e most recent first and include permanent, part-time, temporary and voluntary work;   NB: please ensure you have no gaps

Job Title
Name of Employer
Duties and responsibilities

Education and Qualifications:

List your most recent qualifications first

Name of Degree Course /Secondary School Level
Professional Memberships
Achievements – if you’ve been nominated or you’ve won an award

Include Hobbies / Interests

Simply state “references available on request”.

CV Submittal/Registration

If you have previously sent us your CV and wish to edit your details, please use the application page or email us at with your updated CV.